Download and start laughing. There's not too many words in these books, but there's lots of fun!

About Me

My teenage son hated reading, so I wrote books with not too many words, like cartoons without the pictures. And he read them. Great.

Metro wrote: Harewood’s Voices in the Wash-House was one of the year’s funniest books. She writes with humour and understanding about the lives, loves, fears and joys of teenagers.

Appleton (rippa reading) called them: Very Australian books.

Just what I was aiming for.

When my dad died I felt black, bleak. I was writing novels for Geoffrey Wright’s films which are also black and bleak. One morning I woke up with a kids’ book in my head, Flying Colours. It’s my favourite book, full of sunshine, hope, triumph.

I worked on travel guides and now I’m writing travel adventures. It’s all fantastic fun